Our Work


To mitigate the problem of child abuse, stigmatization and abandonment in our society requires systematic and consistent effort aimed at raising the awareness of the people especially those living in rural areas where such occurrence is endemic.

Ignorance, illiteracy, superstition and dishonest religious activities of profiteering pastors, constitute the hotbed on which the problem thrives.

Again, most of those communities have little or no awareness or consciousness of the of the socio- political and economic realities, which belting strains and consequences have become the lots of the people, hence they fall into the habit of attributing their problem to the wrong cause. They spiritualize problems which do not easily offer itself to their understanding, little awareness of human rights of children, and how such rights can be preserved.

To stop the abuse of children thus requires that there must be mass awareness, information and education among community people in order to achieve reasonable level of behavioural change.

In carrying out advocacy and awareness campaign, we carefully adopt various community media, popular within and relevant to each community. We engage community people in town-hall meetings which offer face-to-face contact and interaction with community leaders, stakeholders and the people.

We produce and distribute education, information and campaign (EIC) materials to the reading public as part of awareness campaign strategy. We also sponsor cultural troupe and drama, plays as part of communication strategy to create awareness of the evils of the menace in the society.

The organization also interacts with mass audience through phone-in programmes on radio and television.