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About the Project

To commemorate ACAEDF’s seventh anniversary tagged ‘Children for Change Celebration’ (CHICC), we propose a project which targets the improvement of access to quality education in riverine communities across the Niger Delta.
It has been observed that access to good education in riverine communities is almost non existing, as the only school serving some of the communities is in a dilapidated state and cannot even contain the high number of students attending the school in the different communities. 

Hence, this has impacted the development and growth of the communities and the country at large.
The solution to the problem revolves around supporting the education of children in riverine communities by building at least two schools (primary and secondary), having ICT in place for qualitative education, clean & accessible water supply, green energy capacity as well as the supply of basic amenities for the schools.
With this in mind, ACAEDF is glad to showcase seven years of getting children to become change agents by seeking to achieve reliable support and partnership to carry out the ACAEDF 7TH ANNIVERSARY RIVERINE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT PROJECT in at least two major riverine communities in the Niger Delta area, thus creating more impact through the support and innovations that the partnership and sponsorship brings.
The estimated cost of building a school in a highly populated riverine community and creating access to education for over 500 to 1,000 children will cost ten million (10,000,000) Naira for the primary school and twenty million (20,000,000) Naira for the secondary school. Kindly donate to support the project.
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