From our field experience and reports of studies on the immediate and remote causes of child abuse, stigmatization and abandonment in Nigeria, ignorance, illiteracy, and lack of access to developmental communication especially among rural ruralize stand as major culprits. Again lack of access to professional counseling services has also placed many at disadvantaged positions mostly when it has to do with taking the right decisions in personal and family matters. Even children are not easily availed this essential service in schools. It is our concern to fill the yawning gap.

Hence, the organization employs the services of professional counselors to attain to the counseling need of children. Children receive counseling service in the areas of:

  • emotional, social and behavioral functioning;
  • cognitive, language and educational development;
  • health, nutrition, and hygiene
  • experience/manifestation
  • career/aspiration
  • safety needs, and
  • pre/post-reunification counseling to reunified children and yet to be reunified children.

Through counseling service, we have witnessed positive changes in the life of the children, and significant improvement in their educational career aspirations and in other areas of life. Hence, many of them can now distinctively state their goals in life, how they want to achieve them.  Children have also exhibited greater capacity, intelligence, and creativity.