Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a Volunteer?

Yes, you can. Please forward your applications to

What area of work can I volunteer?

Please apply, indicating the area of your competence

Can I adopt a child?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Please see Akwa Ibom State Child Rights Law for details

How can I support your work?

Our different channels of support are available. Please identify which area of support you wish to carry out.

How can we partner?

Please apply and state areas you will love to partner with us.

I would like to donate Cloths, Toys, Books, Foods, and other items, do you accept them?

Yes we do. Please you can send them to African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation P. O . Box 194, Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

How do I donate money to support your work?

Please click on the ‘DONATE’ button to make contributions towards support our work.

How do I sponsor a project?

Kindly apply and indicate the project you will love to sponsor.

Can I visit the center as an individual or group?

Yes you can, provided you will abide by the Child Safe-Guiding Policy