Health Care and Nutrition

Health and nutrition care are essential for healthy development of children.  For this reason, ACAEDF, as an organization, gives due attention to this and prioritizes the health of all the children under her care— both those living in the center and in their families.

To achieve this lofty purpose, medical assessment is carried out on every child with a view to identifying its medical/nutritional needs. And this is done fortnightly by certified medical personnel

To ensure children imbibe the value of cleanliness, health officers routinely engage the children in giving them hygiene instructions. And children exercise their learning as they participate in keeping the hostels and immediate surroundings clean.

Meanwhile, in view of the fact that 90% of diseases in children are contacted though the hands, we highly prioritize regular hand washing in the center. This is not limited to the children alone, but to all staff, volunteers and visitors. To successfully implement this, we have strategically fixed different hand washing points around the center and in rooms

ACAEDF has also built a clinic in the center where the children are treated by the medical team except for issues that require external attention. However, children in need of serious of medical care/attention are taken to appropriate healthcare facilities where such services are obtainable.