Home-Based Support Programme

ACAEDF home-based support programme [AHSP] is a special support programme dedicated to catering for the need of orphans and vulnerable children [OVC]. Obviously, breakdown in family support system negatively affects many homes. This situation is made worse by widespread endemic poverty. Children of such homes suffer deprivations and cannot access basic means of life chances for a secure future.

To enable OVC in such homes /families secure meaningful and decent livelihood, we support them through the payment of school fees, provision of educational materials, school uniforms and clothing materials. We also give them medical care support and other welfare supports. Currently, through AHSP, many children so far have graduated in various skills/vocational training including computer training, upholstery, and tailoring, and provided with tools and financial startups to practice their skills.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our support especially to homes which we ascertain suffer serious lack and with no means of economic sustenance thus cannot survive on intermittent support, we assist them to establish micro-businesses. Such supports come through:

  1. Assisting parents or guardians as the case may be to acquire the basic skills and training in the business they want to do
  2. We provide financial startup capital
  3. We provide seedlings and other materials especially for those agro-based businesses such as poultry, piggery and crops farming, and
  4. We also assist them to get professional help to boost their business when necessary.

Interestingly, ten of such businesses through our AHSP have so far been established and are doing very well.

The strategic achievements and benefits of our AHSP include:

  1. It has brought great relief to some homes economically.
  2. It has reduced the incidence of child abandonment by some otherwise vulnerable homes.
  3. Many children can and have accessed secured means of livelihood while still living in their families.
  4. Many have become economically self-reliant and will generate employment for others.
  5. Many are also contributing to the development of their immediate communities through the AHSP.