Rita’s life took a dark turn when, due to financial constraints, attending primary school became an insurmountable challenge for her family. The situation worsened with her father’s arrest, leaving the family in disarray. Upon his return, Rita’s family faced a series of misfortunes, with Rita becoming the target of suspicion and abuse.


The family relocated to an area where cautionary warnings about accepting gifts became a recurring theme. Rita’s father, seemingly fixated on this, subjected her to relentless interrogations and beatings, fueled by baseless accusations of witchcraft. This unfounded suspicion intensified, marking a turning point in Rita’s life.


As Christmas approached, Rita’s father, convinced of her negative influence on her siblings, decided to isolate her by leaving her in a village while the family built a house. Rita, unfairly blamed for family issues, felt like a stranger in her own home as the mistreatment and isolation persisted.


Despite the acknowledgment of the mistreatment by her caring aunt, Rita’s attempts to please her family were met with blame and dissatisfaction. Enduring physical and emotional abuse, Rita found herself in a state of desolation. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when, during a period of isolation and neglect, her aunt intervened, providing care and attention that Rita desperately needed.


Yet, Rita’s struggles persisted, and she yearned for consistent care and attention. The turning point came when Rita was rescued by the Africa Children Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) in 2014. Accused of being a witch and abandoned by her family, Rita found refuge and support through ACAEDF.


The foundation, recognizing Rita’s resilience and potential, took her under its wings. Rita’s life transformed as she received the care, education, and support she had been deprived of for so long. ACAEDF not only rescued Rita from the clutches of abuse but also paved the way for her to pursue her dreams.


Now studying at the university, Rita reflects on her tumultuous journey. Moments of kindness from ACAEDF contrast sharply with the pervasive cruelty she endured. The foundation’s genuine care and support became a lifeline, offering Rita the acknowledgment, affection, and sense of belonging she had longed for.


Rita’s story is a testament to her strength, ACAEDF’s transformative impact, and the resilience of the human spirit. From a victim of gender-based violence, Rita has emerged as a beacon of hope, breaking free from the chains of abuse and embracing the opportunity for a brighter future.


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