Provision of Shelter

ACAEDF runs a TRANSIT CHILDREN CENTER for the protective custody of abandoned children who have been rescued. The transit center is to enable the organization keep children temporarily bidding the time minimum conditions for the child’s protection and safety before he or she is reintegrated into the society.

During the stay at the center, the child is availed with all the necessary psycho-social help, for him or her to overcome the trauma and both mental and physical injuries occasioned by the abuse. This transit period also ensures that a child is fully rehabilitated before reunification.

The center is staffed with highly self-motivated caregivers, volunteers, and security personnel who attend to the various aspects of the children’s needs. The priority is the protection and safety of children and, we operate under the international best traditions.

During this transit period a child spends at the Center before reintegration into his or her community, the organization works hard to achieve genuine and lasting reconciliation between the child and parent /guardian. The organization places many values to counseling for both parents/child whereby they receive professional help,   erasing their fears and thus preventing further incidents of abuse when a child finally goes back home. And this is preceded by an exchange of visits between a child and parent(s) to ascertain and ensure genuine reconciliation.

Modern facilities are provided, necessary life resources; education, food and nutrition, counseling and life-skills training, amongst others, made accessible to children in preparation for a life back at home.