The transformation of witch branded and abandoned children

How we have Rescued Rehabilitated Abandoned Children

We have saved innocent children accused of witchcraft, from exclusion, torture and death. With care, protection and education for the children, and by educating their surrounding communities, we lay the foundation for a future, where children grow up to be independent, active and social individuals who contribute to the development of their communities.


8 MONTHS IN LAND OF HOPE – the story of Little Michael

Back in January, we made an update about Michael we had rescued that same month. (Read full story)
We wrote the story of how he was accused of being a witch and taken far away from home by his own father, so he wouldn’t be able to trace his way back home again.😢
Michael was also badly stabbed by his own father. All because he was said to be a witch and responsible for all the illnesses, poverty and hardship in the family.

Aniefiok at Rescue and now

The story of Aniefiok and Abia

Anefiok and Abia’s mother was outcasted by the local community because of witchcraft accusations. She was very young and she was alone with 3 little boys. Anefiok, Abia and their younger brother, an infant.

The mother and 3 boys struggled to survive. Everyday, Anefiok and Abia had to beg for food on the street because the mother did not work. She was very sick and could hardly take care of their baby brother. They had no house to stay, so they lived under some bushes. The situation was pathetic.