What Makes Us Unique

ACAEDF is unique in the following ways:

  • Use of Statistical tools for the measurement of a child’s Development

At African children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, we employ some statistical tools to periodically evaluate and track the development of each child under our care. This development includes, academic, health, psychological/mental and attitudinal development. These statistical tools include, Charts, graphs, simple percentage, etc. These tools help the organization to measure and compare a child’s progress in education, health, behavior, and other aspects with past performances. For example, a downward slope in a Child’s Academic Development Graph (EDG), indicates a drop in the Child’s academic development and performance.

With the knowledge of the developmental trend of a child through these tools, the organization can take decisions, actions or measures appropriate depending on whether the trend is positive or negative.

With wide survey carried out, it is worthy of note that ACAEDF is the only Children Charity Organization in Nigeria that does this.

  • No Cane Policy

Contrary to our immediate societal approach of using the cane and other corporal or hard punishments in bringing up a child or correcting a child’s wrong doings, ACAEDF adopts a No-Cane approach in the training and bringing up of the children under our care. In this approach, we prioritize counseling approach to coach and counsel children against wrong lifestyles instead of flogging or giving them corporal punishments. Through this counseling approach, our well trained staff sets up a One on One – Heart to Heart session with a child to express the negative effects of what a child had done wrong, on the child’s life and future. This approach creates a cordial, closer and family-like relationship between a child and the Staff. This close relationship makes it easier for a child to share his or her challenges or problems for counseling and help rather than being afraid, which is usually a result of Corporal or Hard punishments.

  • Children’s parliament

The children’s parliament is one of our unique advantages over other children charity organizations. It is aimed at exposing our children to an early knowledge of the rudiments of leadership, governance and social responsibility. Through the making of policies and obeying same in the parliament, the children have been able to develop that sense and knowledge of being law abiding and living up to their social responsibilities in the society.

Also, through the freedom to elect their leaders and other principal officers of the parliament, the children have gradually been exposed to the workings of a democratic society which remains the best system of government in the world.

Furthermore, the leaders of the parliament have taken advantage of their positions to gain wealth of experience in Leadership, Governance, Human Management and Social Responsibility.

Differently, the children’s parliament has also helped in developing public speaking and presentation skills of almost all the children and as well as their confidence in speaking. This is achieved through their sponsorship and presentation of bills and as well as the debates during their plenaries. The debates during plenaries have gone a long way to making our children critical thinkers at their early age.